Sooo…What are we about?

Well, put simply, we’re gamers. Gamers that got a little older, had kids, slowed down a bit, and definitely got overwhelmed by this new influx of great games that are coming to the *cough* table *cough*. So, we came up with this idea to look for some of these great games that we may (probably) had missed and get our grubby little hands on ‘em. Well, low and behold, some of these games were pretty freaking fantastic. And some of them weren’t. But that’s okay because we still got to game. And then it hit us…we’re not the only people out there who may have missed a couple of games out there.

Thus the birth of GrabSlam. We want to share, because mom always said we should, and the more people that get out there and game the better, more prolific the industry becomes. So our mission is to bring to you the games that we find interesting, fun, or just something that caught our eye and get them in front of you at discount prices. We want gamers to get games and developers to keep doing what they’re doing so we can all have a ton of fun.